Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Inspiration from Cedar Pocket

I have been busy in my studio painting for a number of exhibitions coming up soon. These entry dates never fail to take me by surprise when the beginning of the year rolls around. 

Every year I make promises to myself to start early. In fact I resolve to plan during the year for these shows. This never happens because there's always something else to work on especially when there are commissions to be painted. Oh well - it's good to be busy.

This large work was inspired by a trip up to Cedar Pocket last year. I took loads of photos and this painting is a combination of a few. I love to re-invent reality, taking a bit from this one and another bit from that. This way I have the freedom to change the colours, to edit and alter rather than slavishly work from only one reference. 

Here's a sneak peek of the work in progress. The painting measures 1200mm x 915mm.

You'll have to wait a bit for the finished painting...

WIP Detail - Cedar Pocket Inspiration - oil on linen ©  2015 Carol Lee Beckx

Friday, 13 February 2015

Cafe Sketching and The Brisbane Collective

I love CafĂ© sketching - there’s good coffee on hand and interesting things to sketch too.

Earlier in 2014 I did a sketch at Shutter & Brew and posted the image on Instagram. You can see this sketch here. This led to contact with a local magazine editor, Megan Starr-Thomas.

The Brisbane Collective is a volunteer run arts network supporting Brisbane Creatives. I was asked to do something for the January issue of the magazine. I decided to return to Shutter and Brew for a new sketch which TBC magazine featured in a full page illustration in the Home Grown edition of TBC Magazine. This issue and previous editions are available online here.

Shutter and Brew - ink and watercolour Beta Sketchbook ©2015 Carol Lee Beckx

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Petite Pieces at Aspire Gallery, Paddington

Aspire Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane, has a new exhibition opening this coming Wednesday. Petite Pieces is a small format show with the maximum size keeping to 40cm x 40cm. There is more about the exhibition on the Gallery's Facebook page here.

I am happy to say that my five pieces, have been selected.

On the Window Sill Acrylic on panel 16" x 16"  ©

I have enjoyed working to a smaller format. The framed size of these two watercolours is 12" x 12".

Blue and white Teacup watercolour on paper                            Dragon Vase quin Dynasty watercolour on paper 

Rose Teacup -watercolour on paper Framed size 16" x 12"

Taking care with framing the pieces for this show has been enjoyable. I have kept the framing to minimalist white moulding and matt, and I’m happy with how the pieces look. 

I have always preferred understated frames where the artwork is enhanced by the framing rather than being overwhelmed. 

Dahlia Love - watercolour on paper Framed size 407mm x 407mm

The Gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturdays 10.30am to 16.30pm